Keep It Together
Things to help you get and stay organized

P-Touch Embellish

This handy little label maker lets you print horizontally and vertically as well as a variety of patterns so you can label anything clearly and adorably. You can also choose from patterned tape and satin ribbon to print on, so whether you are label boxes or tying up cords, you can make sure you exactly what you have.

Blue Avocado (re)zip Lay-flat Leakproof Reusable Storage Bag
$9 for 2

These bags are great for storing your food since they're leakproof and lay flat, allowing you to stack them on top of each other to minimize space in the fridge. They work just as well keeping all your loose items together when you travel. Perfect for cords and chargers or toiletries.

Pipsticks This Changes Everything 17-Month Planner

A fun way to keep all important dates close at hand. We love that it has both month and weekly pages as well as a storage pocket. You also get access to the Pipsticks Printables Library where you can print out meal planners, goal trackers, tabs and stickers.

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Sept-Oct 2018

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