Toss It In

Whether you're headed to the beach, a cook-out or picnic, here are some great items to toss into your tote.


Glo Skin Beauty Purifying Mist

Use this after washing your face to prep your skin, but keep it handy to refresh your skin throughout the day. It feels particularly good after time out in the sun and is a great pick-me-up for your skin.


Name 5

One way to keep the fun going is with games and this one is fantastic. We've played it according to the rules but we've also just brought along a stack of cards. It sounds easier than it sometimes is but the fun is trying to come up with the fifth thing.


e.l.f. Mattifying Blotting Papers

Stop the shine with these power-infused blotting papers. A quick blot takes away the oil while leaving your make-up in place. The handy case makes sure they don't get crushed in your bag.


Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Water

Give plain water a tasty boost with these mix-ins. Collagen, hyaluronic acid, and probiotics along with organic cucumber, organic pineapple, and aloe vera will make hydrating that much better.


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