Tried and True Travel Products

After a couple months of weekend trips, overnight trips, day trips and weeks-long trips, we found there were some items we always made sure to take along with us. These are the tried and true products that make traveling that much easier.

MyCharge HubPlus Battery Pack

This is a life-saver, especially when your flight is delayed and all the outlets at the airport are taken. What’s even better is that there are lightning and micro USB cords built in so there’s no need to dig out your cords.


ADATA Sync & Charge 2-in-1 Cable

With the Sync & Charge 2-in-1, you only need to pack one cord to charge almost all of your devices. Charge your iphone and then pop of the attached lightning connector to use the microUSB connector to charge your Kindle. 


Brush Guard

Make-up brushes can get pretty pricy, so just tossing them in your makeup bag isn’t such a great idea. Slip on these brush guards and you’ll be able to take your brushes anywhere without worrying about them getting crushed or dirty.


Kleenex Exfoliating Cusions

No more worrying about leaking bottles with these handy exfoliating pads. Just wet and you’ll have soft, clean skin in no time!


Global Entry
$100 for 5 years

No forms to fill out on the plane (just use the kiosk for immigration and customs) and no lines at immigration. Makes getting home after a long international flight that much easier. An added plus is that TSA Pre-Check is part of the program so shorter security lines for domestic flights.

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