Bar None: Facial Cleansing Bars

With so many potions and lotions available, it easy to forget about bar cleansers. They're just as effective and have the added benefit of being travel friendly. 


Purerb Clarity Brightening Cleansing Bar

With 38 plant extracts that include ginseng and mulberry, this cleansing bar will brighten and revitalize your skin. It also has an earthy herbal scent that creates "a sense of stability and grounding." 

Urban Rx Even Tone Cleansing Bar

A blend of kojic and azelaic acids to help calm your skin, fight inflammation and even out your skin tone. The included sponge helps create a nice lather that then rinses off without leaving a residue. You're left with your face feeling clean and hydrated. 


Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleaning Bar

With Dead Sea Mud to detoxify and exfoliate, this bar will clean away any impurities and leave your skin soft and smooth. 


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